"Spiritual Churches are built in the hearts of the people"

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We believe the church starts first as a spiritual church built in the hearts of the people.  We believe it is important to first have a spiritual community present before there is an actual, physical community.  For this reason we spend a minimum of a year forming the communities who will receive a physical church.  In those cases we spend multiple years teaching the people before building them a physical church.

We have been blessed to have partnered with some beautiful friends from Holy Family Parish in Brillion, WI.  They have raised the funds to build the churches and also have put their blood, sweat, and tears into the physical church by spending a week in Peru a year helping with the building process.  We are eternally grateful for their generosity.  Without their help building one church it would not have been possible, let alone the four they have already built and the one they will be building in 2019.


This is the mud church the town is preparing to tear down after christmas.  The site will be prepared and we are hoping to start laying the foundations some time in January.  We hope to be ready to lay block when the Holy Family Group arrives in February.


This is a picture of the people trying to sweep out the church after the mudslide. 

Tres Unidos
This location was a unique exception.  We had planned to build in Porvenir in 2018 but on November 2, 2017 a mudslide went through Tres Unidos and collapsed the church.  We decided that since Porvenir still had a standing church we would build in Tres Unidos instead.

To the right is the completed church.


Santo Tomas
They had a mud church prior to us building this new church.


The town of Morropon donated an empty piece of land to build the church.  The church community would meet in the town building for church before they had the physical church
Nuevo Chimbote
This is the community building the town donated to the church so we could build one.  It was made out of mud and was falling down.  We tore it down and built the new church on that site.
Nuevo Chimbote
This is the new church built on the site of the old mud community building.
If you are interested in donating to the building fund you can do so here.

If you are interested in sponsoring some of the religious images that are placed in each church you can inquire here.