'Jesus said, “Peace be with you! As the Father has sent me, I am sending you.”
John 20:21

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Participants will become an active part of our family and journey with us on our mission to bring the Good News to our beloved brothers and sisters.

You will travel as we do riding in the truck until the gravel road ends and from there we will load the mules and horses with the necessities for our journey and start our hike to reach the pueblos. The hikes take us through the jungle, along mountain ridges and up and down mountains.  All the while we will be there walking side by side with you encouraging you on as we do our own children.  Depending on which community we are scheduled to visit, a hike can be from 1-4 hours in length one way.  When we arrive we will visit with the people of the community as well as have our class.

Here members of the group will be able to help present the class or share their testimony.  The ability to speak Spanish would help tremendously but don't worry, we will translate for you if you are unable to speak their language. 

After class, there will be time to visit more before we start the hike back to Mirador.  Some of our communities are accessible by truck so don't you worry! Everyday will not be a hike.  But, be prepared to continue to dive into our mission on a daily basis.  We spend the week traveling from town to town bringing the Gospel.  Some days are more jam packed than others - so be ready to keep up!
*Each trip will have a rest day where we can take a break from evangelizing to sightsee or sleep.  Whatever you would prefer.*
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