Our Mission

Schmidt family in front of cross
Servants of the Good Help are lay Catholic missionaries committed into living the message of the Queen of Heaven given to Adele Brise.

We actively seek God's little ones throughout the wild countrysides of the world to teach them what they need for salvation through the Good News of Jesus Christ and how they are to approach the sacraments while creating life long relationships with Jesus.

We believe in the healing power of intercessory prayer. We use this powerful form of prayer throughout all our ministries to call upon God to restore mind, body and soul.

We also offer up prayer and penance by calling on Jesus' Divine Mercy for the conversion of sinners.

We choose to live our lives in radical poverty so we can unite our sufferings with Christ for the conversion of lost souls.

Our guiding principles:
  • Faithful to the Magisterium and the Catechism of the Catholic Church
  • United to the Bishops
  • Under the protective intercession of Our Lady of Good Help