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As missionaries we live on the donations we receive from the generosity of others.  We do not receive a wage from either the diocese or the parish in which we work.
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The donations which we receive pay for our living expenses, office fees consisting of a stipend for our amazing accountant, quickbooks, newsletter printing and mailing, but the majority of the funds go to the people who we serve.

At the bottom of this page you will find a cost breakdown of our monthly living expenses.  This is the cost of living for our family of nine to live in Peru minus any medical expenses, truck repair expenses and food for our family. 
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Our food expenses depend on the monthly donations we receive and also if we had to pay for any medical expenses or repair costs.  Sometimes the truck has broken a few times during the month so we dig into our food budget to pay for the additional expenses.
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If you feel called to support us monthly, you can do so here.
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